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A Detailed Overview Of Welding Electrodes

Posted by Admin on October, 24, 2020

A welder generally requires a good quality electrode for generating electric current so that he can do arc welding. In case of welding, the setting is down in a shape which makes the electric current to conduct through the electrode. These electrodes help in joining the loose part with the parent metal with complete ease. When the welder places the tip of the electrode near the parent metal, the electric current passes on from the tip of the electrode and enters the parent metal.

The prime purpose for which these electrodes are used in the field of welding is the process of creating an electric arc. The electrodes manufactured and sold by the SG iron welding electrodes manufacturers are available in two types, namely, the positive charge carrying anode and the negatively charged cathode. The welder can easily choose for the right kind of welding electrodes out of the range according to the requirement and application.

What are the factors that you need to consider when choosing welding electrodes?

When choosing for the right kind of welding electrode, several factors should be paid attention. Here are a few points which you need to look into before investing an electrode.

• The rod of the electrode should have a high tensile strength compared to the metals on which it will be used.
• While buying a welding electrode, you need to check for the specifications and the positions of welding which a particular electrode provides. It should match the joint design, shape and specifications of the parent metals you deal with.

In other words, it can be said that while buying welding electrodes, you need to ensure that the design of the electrode matches to the application field you deal in. The quality of the electrode must be worth the value you are investing in. It is usually recommended to buy these welding electrodes from reputable companies which provide a strong, durable and reliable option at an affordable price.

What are the various types of Welding Electrodes?

The different type of welding electrodes which are sold by the SG iron welding electrodes manufacturers can be broadly classified into two basic types, depending on the process and mechanism. They are:

The Consumable Electrodes:

These electrodes have a very low point of melting. These type of electrodes are generally used in the field where welding is done using the Inert metal Gas. These consumable electrodes are made out of materials like such steel, nickel and steel.

While using these electrodes, the user must strictly consider the precaution of replacing the consumable electrodes after a fixed interval of time and use. You need to alert and check these electrodes regularly to avoid issues.

The only disadvantage of these electrodes is that it does not serve many Industrial applications. Despite this issue, these electrodes are very simple and require no special maintenance.

The Non-Consumable Electrodes:

These Electrodes are often called as the Refractory Electrodes. These are compatible for use in different industrial applications and are usually made out of materials like carbon, graphite or tungsten. These electrodes have a high melting point; they do not melt during welding. However, while using these Electrodes, the welder needs to make use of shielding gases to protect the welding area from coming in contact with the oxygen and other surrounding gases of the atmosphere.

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