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All About Cochlea Implantation Electrodes

Posted by Admin on September, 07, 2021

The CI Electrodes are a special type of arrays which are designed owning a special set of characteristics. It allows preservation of the intra-cochlear structures when the insertion and explanation process takes place. There are two types of Cochlear Implant Electrodes which are commonly available in the market for sale. The types can be classified as Electrodes having straight lateral wall array and electrode array known as pre-curved modiolar.

Apart from these two broad classifications, there is another type of electrode array which is comparatively rare. It is known as a mid-Scala electrode. This electrode array is generally owned a fixed position between the scala tymphani. Often, it is also termed as the MH type of electrode.

There are many kinds of straight or LW electrode array available in the market. These are designed to suit the requirement of the user so that it can be inserted in all size of cochlae. Next coming to the manufacture of the second kind of electrode, the CI Electrode manufacturer is required to follow a few limitations. This is the reason why pre-curved Electrodes are not available in a wide range of variety and is available only for covering the basal turn.

According to studies and observations, the use of the first two kinds of electrode has a negative impact. Use of these Electrodes can cause intra-cochlear trauma; the degree of impact varies from one cochlea to another. In comparison, the MH Electrodes can easily get deviated from Scala tymphani to Scala vestibuli. This can result in the damage of the spiral ligaments which can lead to the formation of the new bone.

With time, it can affect the hearing ability of the user. If the cochlea meets any kind of structural damage, it can again affect the normal functioning of the vestibule. If pre-curved MH Electrodes are used in implantation, the degree of trauma depends entirely on the fixed curling ability of the electrode.

This degree is related to the coiling pattern of the cochlea which varies from one person to another. The Electrode gets into firm contact with the modiolus wall which portrays that how well the surgeon has worked with the stylet while conducting the procedure of implantation.

There are several things which are used during the cochlea implantation process which contribute to the gained hardness or softness of the CI Electrode. These factors are:

• The management of the wires.
• The density of the metal.
• The hardness or softness of the silicone elastomer.

All these factors are collectively are responsible for the smooth functioning of the Cochlea Implant. In order to prevent malformed or improper implant, the CI Electrode manufacturer sets up specified rules so that the drugs and other equipment are utilized properly.

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